Saturday, 22 September 2012

New releases send to pressing! 21.09.2012

Finally got around to finish lay out for a line of new releases and 2 re-presses. Around mid October the following tapes will be released by these rotten militias of death :

ERR004 - NECROT - Demo #1
ERR005 - UNDERGANG - Indhentet Af Døden
ERR006 - UNDERGANG - Til Døden Os Skiller
ERR666 - MOLD - 2 Track Promo tape
ERR003 - WORMRIDDEN - Infesting The Grave (re-press)

New UNDERGANG and MOLD T-shirts has also been send to printing. They'll be ready in time for their participation of the Mobid Catacombs Fest in Berlin on Friday October 12th.
More info on that at -

Pictures of all tapes and shirts will be posted when they arrive at our head quarters.

Rotting Eternal,

 - Your Extremely Rotten Death dealers.


  1. want all 4 stuff records! pls send me data to payment!

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  3. wait for photos of stuff.!
    thank you Maniac