Friday, 22 August 2014

Running Order

Thursday Sept. 4th, Loppen:

22.00 Gouge (n)
23.00 Ensared (swe)
00.00 Lvcifyre (uk)

Friday Sept. 5th, Ungdomshuset:

17.00 Main stage: Ritual Necromancy (us)
18.00 Dødsmaskinen: Bombs of Hades (swe)
19.00 Main stage: Krypts (fin)
20.00 Dødsmaskinen: Ataraxy (es)
21.00 Main stage: Imprecation (us)
22.00 Dødsmaskinen: Detest (dk)
23.00 Main stage: Centinex (swe)
24.00 Dødsmaskinen: Auroch (can)
01.00 Main stage: God Macabre (swe)

Saturday Sept. 6th, Ungdomshuset:

16.00 Dødsmaskinen: Zombiefication (mex)
17.00 Main stage: Mitochondrion (can)
18.00 Dødsmaskinen: Incarceration (bra)
19.00 Main stage: Obliteration (n)
20.00 Dødsmaskinen: Unaufssprechlichen Kulten (chile)
21.00 Main stage: Bölzer (ch)
22.00 Dødsmaskinen: Irkallian Oracle (swe)
23.00 Main stage: Cianide (us)
24.00 Dødsmaskinen: Undergang (dk)
01.00 Main stage: Dead Congregation (gr)

Sunday Sept. 7th, Ungdomshuset:

16.00 Main stage: The Vein (dk)
17.30 Main stage: Fouco Fatuo (it)
19.00 Main stage: Ataraxie (fr)
20.30 Main stage: Moondark (swe)
22.00 Main stage: Sonne Adam (il)
23.30 Main stage: Anatomia (jp)

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